World’s Largest Bronze Praying Hands Statue from Factory Supply BOKK-975

praying hands statue figurine

Item No: BOKK-975
Material: Grade Bronze
Color: The Picture Color or Customized
Size: Life Size or Customized
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Service 1: Customized Service
Service 2: Trade Assurance
This 30-ton monument was originally called the “Healing Hand” and is considered the largest bronze sculpture in the world. YouFine factory is the most professional bronze sculpture foundry. If you like this praying hands statue, you could contact us.

Praying Hands Statue Introduction:

As a casting bronze sculpture factory that has been engaged for nearly 40 years. We must consider the client’s response to sculpture, the intention of sculpture art is noble or inspiring. We all know that this sculpture is called the “Healing Hand”, and two huge hands are gently pressed in prayer. In addition, we could see that the blood vessels of the two hands are very clear and real. YouFine factory’s technology is very professional, we could completely restore the shape of this praying hands statue.

large praying hands statue

World’s Largest Praying Hands:

The bronze praying hands statue weighing 30 tons is now located in Tulsa. At first, it was located in the imposing hospital fort. Later, due to the renovation of the hospital, this giant hand was subsequently moved to the entrance of the Oral Roberts University campus. Oral Roberts University is full of retro-futuristic architecture and surrealist ideas. If we go to Tulsa, we could even see them from the plane. For many people, it has always been a comforting symbol of faith, prayer, and recovery.

black praying hands statue

Artist’s Thought Expression:

The artist expresses a very deep intention. Through the Renaissance style, the prayer hand extended to God is shown. Realism is definitely an element of this style. For example, the very prominent tendons and veins in praying hands statue. The artist does not render objects in a conventional way but supports more expressive things. The entire sculpture is full of power, inspiring people who come and go to work hard. In addition, this sculpture also expresses the power of faith.

Oral Roberts University - Praying Hands

Professional Process:

YouFine factory has a first-class bronze sculpture casting team. First of all, we have professional clay model top masters, who could accurately portray a 1:1 scale model. Especially the detail carving, they are very good at it.

Praying Hands

Second, we use the traditional lost wax method. This technique has existed for thousands of years, and our artists are well-versed in this step. And, we have made improvements to the silica sol material used in it. This method could keep the bronze sculptures beautiful for thousands of years.


Safe Installation:

YouFine factory has undertaken various large-scale sculpture projects. We have rich installation experience.

First of all: we have to pre-bury steel and cement underground in advance. This method is to create a strong foundation. More importantly, the foundation should be higher than the ground, which is conducive to welding the main body of the sculpture.

gold praying hands statue

Second: We welded the bottom of the sculpture to the steel sheet of the foundation.

Next, pour the cement again, this time to completely bury the weld. Obviously, the advantage of this step is to prevent long-term rusting of the welded joint in contact with rain and air.

Finally, customers could paste beautiful granite tiles on the exterior of the cement table according to their preferences.


YouFine factory has a service culture of sincerely treating customers, our price is favorable, and the sculpture quality is guaranteed. You could contact our service staff for more information.