Custom Abstract Bronze Meditation Statue Resort Decor for Sale BOKK-951

abstract bronze meditation statue

YouFine Art Sculpture could customize this abstract bronze meditation statue in various sizes. This bronze meditation statue is life-size, it could be placed in a resort, hotel, garden, park or other public places. Please feel free to contact us to get the promotional price.
Item No: BOKK-951
Size: H 150cm
Material: Bronze
Quality: 100% Quality Insurance
Package: Strong Wooden Crate
Technique: Lost Wax Casting Method

Meditation Statue Details :

This abstract bronze meditation statue was created by famous American artist Carol Gold. The entire sculpture is an abstract figure sitting on an arched bench meditating, so the name of the sculpture is meditation. The subtlety of this sculpture is that it only contains two items, but it perfectly shows the state of people’s meditation.

bronze meditation by Carol Gold

Applicability of Various Venues:

Whether for China or the world, the bronze sculpture itself has a long history. Bronze sculptures are generally placed in gardens, parks, hotels, business centers, farms, and other venues. For this life-size abstract bronze meditation statue, you could place it in any place you want. If you have your own garden, we suggest that you place this sculpture. The style of this sculpture would make your garden more comfortable and you would fall in love with your garden even more.

bronze meditation statue

About YouFine’s Quality and Service:

Our YouFine factory has been in this area for more than 38 years. Every master in the YouFine factory has superb skills. They have been in the casting bronze sculpture business for decades. When we cast a bronze statue, we would first make a clay model. We could modify the details of the model according to the customer’s requirements to ensure that the final sculpture is very satisfied with the customer.

Carol Gold artwork meditation

Moreover, we already have one model of this abstract bronze meditation statue. The height of our statue is 150cm. If this height suits you, you could choose to use our model. We support custom, if you want custom sculptures, we could custom according to your requirements.

Carol Gold statue

Share a Case with You:

We have cast 10 bronze sculptures for our Georgian client in 2018, including an identical abstract bronze meditation statue. Our client placed these sculptures in the garden of a famous resort in Georgia, which is called Dreamland Oasis Chakvi Resort. Many people who have been to this resort have posted photos of these sculptures on their Facebook accounts. Our customers said that these sculptures are so beautiful and they attract more customers to the resort!

Carol Gold sculpture

Like a factory that values quality very much, the YouFine team is very confident to offer you a high-quality statue! If you are interested in this bronze sculpture, please feel free to contact YouFine!