Bronze Philip Jackson Glass Slipper Sculpture Replica for Sale

Philip Jackson Glass Slipper sculpture

This Bronze Philip Jackson Glass Slipper Sculpture is hand-cast by YouFine artists using 32 processes, which perfectly restores the original work and supports customization.
Item No: BOK1-168
Size: Life Size or Customized
Material: Metal bronze
Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Package: Strong Wooden Crate
Service: Customize Acceptably
Insurance: Cover All the Risk
Quality: 100% Quality Insurance
Technique: Lost Wax Process

Philip Jackson Sculpture Description:

The Philip Jackson Glass Slipper sculpture is very amazing. It looks like an elegant and noble lady, lifting her skirt and preparing to touch the flowing water by the river with her toes. It is very artistic and could make people expand unlimited imaginations.

Philip Jackson Sculpture Description


Philip Jackson Sculpture Application:

The Philip Jackson Glass Slipper sculpture is very suitable to be placed on the outdoor lawn. The bronze appearance blends in with the surrounding flowers, plants, and green trees, making you feel as if she has stepped out of a poem, making you feel so comfortable.

Philip Jackson Sculpture Application


Vivid Clay Models:

After careful study, our artists finally cast the vivid clay model. Whether it is details such as fingers, slender legs, lines on clothes, or the overall expression, it is very close to the original work. The clay model is the key to the entire bronze sculpture casting, from which you could see the casting prowess of our artists.

Vivid Clay Models


Factory Completion Display:

After the Glass Slipper sculpture clay model casting is completed, the subsequent casting process begins, including making wax shells, and sand shells, pouring bronze water, welding, polishing, patina, and other steps. After the customer confirms that there are no modifications, the Glass Slipper sculpture is completed.

Factory Completion Display


More Philip Jackson Sculpture Styles:

In addition to this Philip Jackson Glass Slipper sculpture, we also have many other styles, such as playing the instrument, bath towel wearing, wearing evening dress, etc. And for these styles, you could also use your imagination and customize them.

More Philip Jackson Sculpture Styles

More Philip Jackson Sculptures


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