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bronze female soldier statue

This bronze female soldier sculpture is cast from high-quality bronze by YouFine’s top artists. The female soldier was wearing a military uniform, kneeling on one leg, holding her forehead with one hand, and feeling sad.
Item No: BOK1-495
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Material: Casting Bronze
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Package: Strong Wooden Crate
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Bronze Female Soldier Statue Description:

The woman in this bronze female soldier sculpture has neatly tied hair, wearing a military uniform, carrying combat supplies on her back, and wearing military boots on her feet. She knelt on one knee, held her forehead with one hand, and held the folded American flag tightly with the other. The woman closed her eyes tightly, looking sad. The hair, eyebrows, and finger joints of this bronze female soldier are all very detailed and realistic.

bronze female soldier sculpture

Bronze Female Soldier Statue Background:

This bronze female soldier sculpture was created for the American Legion Joseph St. Germaine Post 85 in Connecticut. Women have been participating in War, but their identity has not been recognized, so that women could only join the war dressed as men. As the proportion of women among American veterans increased, women’s status began to be recognized, and this bronze female soldier sculpture appeared. The sculpture shows a female warrior paying tribute to her fallen comrades, with the helmet and weapons at her side.

bronze military female soldier sculpture

Use Silica Sol Technical:

This bronze female soldier sculpture uses silica sol during the casting process to prevent white spots on the surface of the bronze sculpture. Many bronze foundries use cheaper ammonia, which results in many white spots on the surface of bronze sculptures, which greatly affects the beauty of the bronze sculptures.

Female Soldier

Elegant Silicone Moulds:

YouFine artists have very strict casting requirements for bronze female soldier sculptures in order to restore the female soldier’s appearance to the greatest extent, so our team especially uses silicone moulds during the casting process. The silicone moulds could make the details of the bronze female soldier, such as hair, eyes, and finger joints, very vivid and fine, thus making the entire bronze sculpture look lifelike.

female soldier statue detatils

More Bronze Military Sculpture Choices:

YouFine has been focusing on bronze casting for more than 40 years. In addition to this bronze female soldier sculpture, our foundry also has many other bronze military sculptures, such as bronze soldier sculptures, bronze army dog monuments, bronze kneeling soldier sculptures, bronze fallen soldier sculptures, etc.

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bronze military statues

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