Modern Abstract Bronze Figures Sculpture Outdoor Decor for Sale BOK1-065

abstract bronze sculpture-YouFine sculpture

A modern and artistic abstract bronze sculpture is selling well in YouFine. We cast it using the traditional lost wax method. Such a unique statue placed outdoors would catch great attention. If you are interested in it, please contact us quickly.
Item No: BOK1-065
Size: Life Size or Customized
Material: Metal bronze
Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Package: Strong Wooden Crate
Service: Customize Acceptably
Insurance: Cover All the Risk
Quality: 100% Quality Insurance
Technique: Lost Wax Process

Bronze Statue Introduction:

This abstract bronze sculpture shows us an image of a pair of lovers. We could see from the sculpture that these two slender figures are running toward each other, giving people a romantic and warm feeling. Such a unique and simple design would make people admire it whether it is placed in the garden or in the square. We cast this sculpture with high-quality bronze, so the long service life is guaranteed.


abstract bronze sculpture-YouFine sculpture


More Same Series:

YouFine’s abstract bronze sculptures are rich in variety. A variety of highly innovative and modern thinking abstract bronze sculptures for sale are loved by people of different ages. These sculptures have extremely high aesthetic value and artistic value. These all stem from the talented designers in our factory. They are good at shaping all kinds of novel sculptures. Below are some of our abstract bronze sculptures.


abstract bronze sculpture for sale-YouFine sculpture


Diverse Coloring Methods:

YouFine has advanced coloring technology. The surface effect would quite different with different coloring treatments. For example, the surface would be quite shiny when it is plated with gold copper. Then, with chemical treatment, different potions could be used to modulate the color that customers want. In addition, sputtering is also a commonly used coloring method for bronze abstract sculpture art. The popular colors in our factory to make bronze sculptures are brown, reddish-brown, silvery, gold, etc.


diverse colors of bronze abstract figure sculpture-YouFine sculpture


Advantages of YouFine:

1. A relatively cheap price is available in YouFine. Because YouFine provides an integrated service from material selection to production to transportation. So, there is no middleman in the process to make the difference.

2. Decades of experience make YouFine have a mature sculpture production system. Therefore, the quality of our products is guaranteed. The product you received would be high-quality as well as delicate.

3. Full insurance would be provided by YouFine for each order. Then, customers should not worry about any risks during shipping.


bronze abstract sculpture art making-YouFine sculpture


YouFine would try its best to produce satisfactory products for every customer. If you are fond of our bronze abstract sculpture art, please contact us and cooperate with us right now.