Life-Size Bronze Tiger Statue Outdoor Decor for Sale BOKK-946

life-size tiger statue for sale-YouFine Sculpture

The life-size bronze tiger statue for sale at the YouFine factory has a lifelike appearance. And the use of high-quality bronze materials and fine workmanship make it good quality assurance.
Item No: BOKK-946
Size: 4 feet high or Customize
Material: Casting bronze
Insurance: Cover All the Risk
Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Package: Strong Wooden Crate
Service: Customize Acceptably
Technique: Lost waxing
Advantage: Factory Direct, Door to Door Delivery

Product Details:

This life-size bronze tiger statue for sale at the YouFine factory looks lifelike. Under the fine casting of the artisans, we could see the sharp eyes, sharp teeth, and strong body of the tiger. The use of professional chemical coloring methods makes the color of the tiger’s surface very natural. If you see this tiger statue from a distance, you would think you have encountered a real tiger.


life-size tiger statue for sale-YouFine Sculpture


Why Do People Like Tiger Statue?

Tigers have distinctive striped skin and a king mark on their forehead. Tigers have developed brains, strong fighting abilities, and predation abilities. Moreover, its prey is extremely ferocious, fast, and decisive, and it is based on the principle of consuming the least energy to obtain the greatest possible harvest. People often have a longing for power and strength, so tigers have become the object of their admiration. It is not so much that people like tigers, it is better to say that what humans like is not tigers, but what it represents.


bronze tiger statue-YouFine Sculpture


High-Quality Guarantee:

This bronze tiger statue produced by YouFine has a high-quality assurance. On the one hand, we used high-quality bronze material to make this statue. In order to make the statue have sufficient hardness, we also added precious metal elements such as zinc into the material. Therefore, our bronze statues could have a service life of a hundred years. Secondly, the artisans of the YouFine factory are proficient in the lost wax casting method. In addition, we use silicone molds to turn over the molds, which could restore the details of the animals to the greatest extent. Excellent workmanship makes our bronze animal statues stand the test of time.


high quality materials for the bronze tiger statue-YouFine Sculpture

exquisite making for the bronze tiger statue-YouFine Sculpture


Customer Feedback:

YouFine’s bronze animal statues are sold all over the world. Our customers are very satisfied after receiving the statue. For example, our customers complimented our statues after receiving these two bronze tiger statues. He happily shared a photo with us of the tiger statue. Such positive feedback would further motivate us to provide customers with higher quality statue products.


feedback of bronze tiger statue-YouFine Sculpture

feedback from customers-YouFine Sculpture


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