Life-size Bronze Pieta Statue for church decoration for Sale BOKK-612

Outdoor bronze religious garden statues of michelangel

Item No: BOKK-612
Material: Grade Bronze
Color: The Picture Color or Customized
Size: Life Size or Customized
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Service 1: Customized Service
Service 2: Trade Assurance

Bronze Pieta statue is original of 1497. It’s also Michelangelo’s masterpiece. You want this beautiful bronze sculpture. Please contact YouFine factory.

Bronze Pieta Statue Details:

The bronze Pieta statue was cast in the YouFine factory for the churches of Italy. The father of this church is very pleased with our work. Obviously, the surface of the statue has been carefully polished and is very smooth. And Jesus’s hand drops naturally, in an air of sadness.

pieta statue

The Significance of the Pieta Statue:

The bronze Pieta statue is based story of the Bible. It is said that depicts our Lady of Madonna in art holding the crucified Jesus. And Jesus lay between our Lady of Madonna’s knees, with a scar on his rib. Moreover, Jesus’s head hung back, his right arm resting on our Lady of Madonna’s right knee. Indeed, our Lady of Madonna’s face is young, and she wears a robe and a cloak. In conclusion, her eternal youth and noble image, a symbols of the human ideal of the pursuit of good things.

pieta statue for sale

You Fine Top-Masters

YouFine artists have decades of experience in casting bronze statues. In fact, they learn from their masters from an early age. Dedicated most of their lives to this great and noble cause. As they become more skilled in their craft, they work hard to learn new skills, to delve into the deeper meaning behind each sculpture. Most importantly, they keep up with the development of the times and renew their technical and cultural attainments.

michelangelo's pieta statue

High-Quality Bronze Statue:

All the bronze in the YouFine factory is of high quality. You could touch it with your hand. You Fine factory bronze Pieta statue surface is very smooth and clean. And You Fine bronze surface does not have the sand hole, also would not have the oxidation, the crack and so on the flaw. Indeed, our bronze has better scalability.

michelangelo pieta statues

How to Pack the Statue:

First, the You Fine factory wraps the whole bronze Pieta statue body in plastic film. At the same time, we would cover the sculpture with a thick layer of soft foam.

Life-size Bronze Pieta Statue

Secondly, YouFine would choose the best quality wooden crate and put the whole bronze sculpture in it. YouFine salespeople attach great importance to transportation safety, so in the end, you will be sure to receive a satisfactory bronze sculpture.

michelangelo's pieta statues

YouFine factory has always treated every customer in good faith, and YouFine cherishes every customer communication. If you could not wait. Please contact YouFine factory.