Life-Size Bronze Mermaid Statue Beach Seaside Decoration for Sale BOKK-977

Beautiful Patina Mermaid Bronze Girl Statue

Item No: BOKK-977
Material: Grade Bronze
Color: The Picture Color or Customized
Size: Life Size or Customized
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Service 1: Customized Service
Service 2: Trade Assurance
In the existence and development of Copenhagen and Denmark, women in mermaid legends have become powerful spiritual pillars. If you are interested in this bronze mermaid statue. You could contact us at any time.

Bronze Mermaid Statue details:

We all know that the bronze mermaid statue’s upper body of this statue looks like a girl. She has curly hair and is tied behind her head. Look at her plump breasts high and bulging. What is pleasantly surprised is that her lower body resembles a person and a fish. There are no feet at the bottom of her legs, but slender fishtails. The little mermaid’s head was drooping as if thinking. When your garden has this sculpture, it would surely surprise all guests.

Beautiful Patina Mermaid Bronze Girl Statue

Exquisite Clay Model:

Every realistic bronze sculpture needs an exquisite clay model. YouFine factory has many professional clay model artists. They have been influenced by art since they were young, and they have been mentored and taught by older artists. Therefore, the YouFine factory clay model has been praised by many customers. And these many clay models would leave you a lot of money.

bronze mermaid sculpture

Long-Lasting Color:

Different colors have different meanings. You could choose the color you like for your bronze mermaid statue. The chemical coloring method is used in YouFine factory bronze sculptures. Our colors are not only diverse and very natural. In fact, our coloring artists are very good at color grading and could definitely satisfy your wishes.

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Why Choose YouFine Factory?

First of all, YouFine Factory has been a large bronze sculpture casting factory for 39 years. Our bronze sculpture technique is very skilled. YouFine Factory uses the traditional lost wax method. This casting method has a history of thousands of years and is a treasure left by our ancestors.

large bronze mermaid statue

Secondly, YouFine Factory attaches great importance to packaging. We guarantee that the sculpture would not be damaged or scratched during transportation.

bronze statues

Application Location:

The simplicity and kindness, and sadness of the Little Mermaid touched the hearts of many people and won the sympathy of many people. Therefore, we could see bronze mermaid statues of different styles in many places. First, we chose to put them on the beach, poolside, lakeside, and poolside. Secondly, the mermaid sculpture could also be seen on the grass in the park and in the flower pond in the garden. Therefore, this sculpture could be decorated anywhere.

bronze mermaid statues

You could contact us at any time, our bronze mermaid statue would definitely impress you and add a variety of colors to your life.