Life Size Stunning Bronze Jesus Shepherd Statue for Sale

bronze jesus statue

Hand-cast by YouFine’s experienced artists using the traditional lost wax process, this bronze Jesus statue is lifelike and perfect for outdoor decoration.
Item No: BOKK-622
Type: Bronze Religious Statues
Size: 160cm or Customized
Color: Bronze(Other Available Color)
Techniques: Casting Bronze
Packing: Sturdy Wooden Crate
Transportation: By Sea, Air, or Land

Life-size Bronze Jesus Statue:

The bronze Jesus statue is very exquisite. Jesus has long flowing hair and is carrying a little lamb on his shoulder. He holds a wooden stick in one hand and the lamb’s feet in the other, and looks at the little lamb very lovingly. The lamb lay quietly, with its ears drooping, looking very docile. The folds of Jesus’ clothes and the long fingers and toes are delicate.

Life-size Bronze Jesus Statue


Bronze Jesus Statue Introduction:

Jesus Christ, also known as the Good Shepherd.  And His followers are called His sheep. The appearance of Jesus holding a sheep in his arms is also common, showing love, care, and protection. As a guide and protector, Jesus Christ cares very much about his “flock”. He does not allow himself to lose even one of his flock, that is, he would not give up on any believer. And Jesus feels very happy in the process of healing and helping believers.

bronze jesus statue


Lots of Clay Models:

We have a large number of ready-made religious clay models for you to use directly. The appearance of the clay model directly affects the appearance of the final bronze sculpture, so it is very critical. Generally, it takes about 20 days to make the clay model, and it also takes a certain amount of money, our ready-made clay models could help you solve these problems.

religious clay model

clay models


Various Color Plate options:

Different people have different preferences for colors. Taking this into account, our factory has specially produced many different color plates for you to choose from. We would let you confirm by sending pictures or sending the plates to you. After confirmation, our artists would start a patina to ensure that your bronze Jesus statue would be colored evenly and naturally.

various color choices


More Bronze Religious Sculptures:

In addition to the bronze Shepherd Jesus statue, we also have many other styles, sizes, and colors of bronze Jesus statues, bronze Mary statue, bronze Holy Family statues, and other bronze religious statues.

More Bronze Religious Sculptures


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