Life Size Bronze Gold Virgin Mary Statue Manufacturer BOK1-275

gold Virgin Mary statue-YouFine Sculpture

The gold statue of the Virgin Mary looks stunning as she looks like she is radiating light all over her body. We used high-quality bronze material to shape this statue so that it has a long service life.
Item No: BOK1-275
Type: Bronze Religious Statues
Size: 2m or Customized
Color: Bronze(Other Available Color)
Techniques: Casting Bronze
Packing: Strong Wooden Case
Transportation: By Sea, Air, or Land

Product Details:

This gold Virgin Mary statue is very popular at the YouFine factory. The Virgin Mary stretched out her hands and looked forward. There are lifelike little angels on her pedestal. It seems that Our Lady, who has just appeared, is listening to people’s suffering and trying to help people. There is a halo around her head. Such a realistic bronze Virgin Mary statue is perfect for places like churches, gardens, schools, etc.


gold Virgin Mary statue-YouFine Sculpture


Exquisite Workmanship:

YouFine has specialized in bronze statue making for decades. The bronze statues we make are often distinguished by their lifelike appearance and quality. This is because we have some professional production artists. They are very serious when it comes to making bronze statues. Whether it is clay mold making or casting, welding, coloring, etc., the artists have extremely high requirements for themselves. They are also very serious about the handling of small parts. Therefore, we could see that the appearance of the bronze statues we make is very delicate, without any flaws. All of this is due to the excellent workmanship of the artists.


excellent workmanship for bronze religious statues-YouFine Sculpture

excellent appearance of bronze religious statues-YouFine Sculpture


Other Bronze Religious Statues:

YouFine has also made many other types of bronze religious statues. Examples are bronze statues of Our Lady of Fatima, bronze statues of Jesus, bronze statues of St. Peter, bronze statues of St. Michael, etc. These bronze religious statues are very realistic and could restore various characteristics of the figures to the greatest extent. Of course, we also support various customizations. For example, some customers want a life-size statue of the Virgin, some want a large statue of the Virgin, and some customers want a statue of the Virgin in different styles. All of these customization requirements, we could help you achieve.


bronze religious statues for sale-YouFine Sculpture


Natural Patina Color:

YouFine factory has professional colorists. They use chemical coloring methods to color. They have a precise grasp of the proportions of chemical potions required for each color. And all the colors they come out with are very natural and beautiful. The exterior colors of these statues would become more natural over time. In addition, any color you want, our artists could help you achieve.


color choices for bronze religious statues-YouFine Sculpture


YouFine treats every customer with great enthusiasm. If you are interested in this life-size Virgin Mary statue for sale, please feel free to contact us.