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bronze horse and rider statue

The confederate statue is cast from high-quality bronze and has a natural and appropriate color. Two soldiers are riding on horses, holding the reins in their hands, looking heroic.
Item No: BOK1-555
Material: Casting Bronze
Size: Customized Size You Want
Insurance: Cover All the Risk
Package: Strong Wooden Crate
Advantage: Factory Direct; Door-to-Door Delivery

Magnificent Bronze Horseman Statue:

A general and a soldier each ride on a horse. They are both wearing military uniforms. The general wears a cloak and the soldier wears a hat. They held the reins in their hands and looked ahead. Both horses lowered their heads and made running postures as if they were hurrying on with their journey. Human eyes, beards, horse’s mane, ears, and even the fluttering cloak are all very detailed and lifelike. The entire bronze horseman statue¬†looks very luxurious and magnificent.

bronze horseman

Bronze Horseman Sculptures Application Scenes:

This bronze hose and rider statue is life-size, so if your garden is relatively large, then this sculpture is very suitable for your garden. It could add a majestic atmosphere to your garden and could also help you guard your home. At the same time, the horseman statue is also very suitable to be placed in a square or in front of a government building to commemorate the soldiers who made contributions and sacrifices in the war.

bronze horseman statue

Various Clay Models:

YouFine Foundry has focused on bronze sculptures for more than 40 years. Rich casting and export experience have enabled our bronze sculptures to be exported all over the world, so YouFine has many kinds of clay models, including animal clay models and character clay models, our team could meet your diverse needs while saving you money.

clay models

Highly Polished Technical:

During the casting process of the bronze sculpture, many sand holes of different sizes will be left on the surface. If not polished, the surface of the bronze horseman sculpture would be uneven, and it would also affect the subsequent patina. Therefore, YouFine excellent artists would highly polish the surface of the bronze horseman sculpture, so that the surface of the cast bronze horseman sculpture is very smooth and the color is very natural.

high polished photo

More Bronze Horse Sculpture Choices:

In addition to this bronze horse and rider sculpture, YouFine has many other bronze horse sculptures for you to choose from. For example, running horse sculptures, standing horse sculptures, jumping horse sculptures, mother and child horse sculptures, etc. Different styles of bronze horse sculptures would bring you different enjoyment.

more bronze horse sculptures

more bronze horse statues

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