Huge Bronze Soldier Statue Memory Outdoor Garden for Sale BOKK-919

Bronze Soldier Statue Details

This outdoor modern bronze soldier statue is made of high-quality bronze. This large-scale military sculpture is very realistic. If you like this sculpture, please contact us now.
Item No: BOKK-919
Size: 16 ft
Material: Bronze
Insurance: Cover All the Risk
Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Package: Strong Wooden
Service: Customize Acceptably
Technique: Silica Sol Process
Advantage: Factory Direct

Bronze Soldier Statue Details

Bronze Soldier Statue Details:

This bronze soldier statue is very huge. YouFine is a professional bronze military sculpture foundry, our artists are very good at casting military sculptures. This is a standing soldier. You could clearly see that this soldier is bigger and stronger than we are when he stands up. YouFine believes that people would be amazed by this realistic military sculpture when it appears in a community garden or square park.

Bronze Soldier Statue Details

Detailed and Realistic Look:

This bronze soldier statue could withstand cold weather. Then please note that the look of our soldier sculpture is very realistic. You could clearly see the serious eyes of this soldier sculpture. In addition, the clothing of the YouFine bronze soldier statue is very formal. So, that’s what makes YouFine artists unique.

Bronze Soldier Statue Details


Suitable for Various Places:

This large military sculpture could be used in some public places. For example, it could be used to decorate military museums, squares, beaches, parks, etc. Of course, it could also be used as a decoration for military bases and playgrounds. Then this outdoor modern large-scale military sculpture could also become a geographical indication. And, it is used as an educational patriotic sculpture to inspire our children to be loyal to the king and serve the country.

Suitable for Various Places

Provide Special Customized Services:

This large military sculpture could be customized, both in color and appearance. If you put the sculpture on the playground, you could customize the color of the sculpture to suit the style of your scene. After receiving the sculpture, we also let customers do color DIY to make this sculpture more unique and meaningful.

Provide Special Customized Services

Using the Traditional Lost Wax Method:

YouFine artists cast bronze sculptures using the traditional lost wax method. Our artists have fully mastered the technique. First, we used silica sol technology, which prevents white spots from appearing on the surface of the sculpture. Once white spots appear on the surface of the sculpture, the sculpture would crack. By then, the YouFine bronze soldier statue would maintain its beautiful appearance and high use-value for a long time.

Using the Traditional Lost Wax Method

If you like this sculpture, please contact us now. YouFine would cast you an exquisite bronze commemorative military sculpture.