Garden Life Size The Thinker Bronze Statue for Sale

Casting using the traditional lost wax process by YouFine’s top artists, the thinker bronze statue for sale is perfectly placed in the campus or garden for decoration.
Item No: BOKK-7
Size: Life Size or Customized Size.
Material: Bronze
Leading Time:20days for casting+30days for transportation
Technique: Casting bronze
Package&shipping: Strong Wooden Crate
Payment: T/T, Credit, Western Union, Money gram, Paypal.

The Thinker Bronze Statue Details:

The thinker bronze statue for sale is very vivid. The Thinker is sitting on the stone, holding his chin in one hand and resting his hand on his knee, thinking very focused. The thinker’s toes joints, finger joints, and the lines of muscles are very clear, and his body shape is very strong.

the thinker bronze statue

Rodin Thinker Statue Introduction:

The Thinker is a bronze sculpture by Auguste Rodin, usually placed on a stone base. The work depicts a majestic nude male figure sitting on a rock. The pose is one of deep thought and contemplation, and the statue is often used as an image to represent philosophy. This work and many of Rodin’s other works were groundbreaking for modernism, heralding a new era of three-dimensional art creation.

bronze rodin thinker statue

Provide Customized Services:

YouFine has a team of professional designers who could support any imagination you have for this bronze Thinker sculpture. For example, you want to change its size and color to make it more in line with the environment you are decorating, or add some design to it to give it a special meaning, etc. This could all be achieved.

black bronze thinker statues

Realistic Clay Models:

The clay model is the first step in bronze sculpture casting. We have 1:1 bronze thinker clay models for you to use directly. The clay model is very lifelike and vivid, and every detail is perfect. You no longer have to pay for clay models and wait for the clay models to be cast.

bronze thinker statue caly model

More Bronze Famous Figure Sculptures:

In addition to this bronze thinker sculpture, YouFine also has many other celebrity bronze sculptures, such as bronze GANDHI sculpture, bronze rock star sculpture, bronze kungfu star Bruce Lee, etc. for you to choose from.

more bronze famous figure statues

Look forward to cooperating with you!