Custom Made Bronze Police with Child Statue for Sale BOK1-251

bronze police statue-YouFine Sculpture

The bronze statue of warm police bending over to listen to a child is made by YouFine factory. This is a custom made to us by a customer and placed in their local community. If you also want to customize such a realistic bronze statue, please feel free to contact us for details.
Item No: BOK1-251
Size: Life Size or Customized
Material: Bronze
Quality: 100% Quality Insurance
Package: Strong Wooden Crate
Technique: Hand Carved and Polished

The Story of this Police Statue:

This bronze police statue was custom-made for us by a YouFine customer. She told us that a local police officer saved her and her family’s lives when she was very young, so she was always grateful and wanted to make a statue for the police and put it in the local community. Based on the photos and related stories provided by customers, we learned that this police officer often helps locals and is a very respectable policeman. The designers of the YouFine factory finally designed the statue based on the information provided by the customer.


bronze police statue-YouFine Sculpture


Production Process Introduction:

In order to restore this bronze police statue to a high degree, YouFine’s clay modeling masters carefully observed the designer’s original work and consulted the story behind the statue, and then made a 1:1 clay model. Afterward, our foundry masters uses the lost wax method for casting. YouFine factory has used the lost wax method for many years and is able to continuously update the technology. For example, we use silica sol to turn the mold, so that every detail of the character could be reproduced so that the casting policeman statue has a very high degree of reduction. The whole production process is very complicated, but through the cooperation of the masters in the factory, we finally presented a very good effect, which has been praised by customers.


bronze sculpture making- YouFine Sculpture


Multiple Options for Customers:

In addition to this custom bronze police statue, YouFine factory has many other types of police statues. For example, police statues patrolling the streets, police statues squatting down to comfort children, police statues standing guard, etc. In addition to this, we also make various custom bronze statues. No matter what style or size it is, the YouFine factory could perfectly restore it. With so many choices for you, we believe that you could find your most satisfactory one.


policeman statue-YouFine Sculpture

policeman statue-YouFine Sculpture.


What Could YouFine Offer you?

1. YouFine could provide you with high-quality customized services. Whatever statue you want, we would do our best to help you achieve and exceed your expectations.

2. Factory price is possible at theYouFinefactory. We provide an all-in-one service from material selection to packaging and shipping. There are no middlemen in the whole process. We would give the customer the factory price.

3. Our sales staff have a wealth of professional knowledge and could answer all your questions about products and purchases. Please don’t worry even if you are buying goods overseas for the first time. They would provide you with detailed and patient answers.


YouFine Factory


YouFine takes statue production and customers very seriously. If you are interested in this bronze police statue, please contact us as soon as possible.