Bronze casting decorative Herb bust statues for sale

Bronze casting decorative Herb bust statues for sale

Item No:BOK-823
Height:60cm or custom made
Weight:About 15kgs/piece
Color:Tens of popular colors for your reference
Advantage:Factory Direct;Door to Door Delivery
Leading Time:25 days for casting
Superior-quality Lost-wax casting + Welding&Chasing + High Polished
Material:Top-Quality Corrosion-Resistant Bronze
Package:Inside with Soft plastic foam;Outside with strong fumigated wooden cases & iron Crate

This is a life size bronze bust sculpture of Herb would love to provide you or your company with a quote for your bronze bust needs. Please go to our contact us page and let us know your special needs. You can upload pictures if needed and we will get your quote right out usually within a few hours.


Bronze casting Herb bust statues for sale


The Process of Lost Wax Casting for life size bronze bust sculpture of Herb


Step 1 Clay Model Making

our artists team make a clay model at first, which is 100% based on customers’ request.


Step 2 Silicon Rubber Mold

This step is by far the most critical. All the detail which appears on the bronze sculpture must be captured in the mold. The mold (depending on the size of the sculpture) is cut into sections for casting.


Step 3 Wax Making and Chasing

Molten wax is poured into the mold to form layers of wax. This wax model is an exact duplicate of the original casting. Then the wax is pulled from the mold and hand chased (re-detailed) by a skilled artisan. Although the artist reproduces the original artwork, each piece may slightly differ from the next.

Wax rods (gates) and pouring cup are attached to the wax casting in just the right positions. This will assure a full pour.


Step 4 Ceramic Shell Making

In a temperature controlled climate of 72 degrees Fahrenheit, the wax casting is dipped into Investment liquid several times. On the first dip a fine powder is applied. On the next dip of course, ceramic sand will be applied. This step is repeated several times, each increasing the coarseness of the material to create the ceramic mold. Between each dip, the ceramic layer must cure (dry) before another layer can be applied.


Step 5 Burn-Out and Casting

The ceramic shell is placed in a kiln and fired. The shell bakes and the wax is melted (lost) from the shell. This creates a hollow ceramic shell mold. Thus the term “Lost Wax.” Immediately the molten bronze is poured into the shell. At the time of pouring, the bronze is 2100 degrees Fahrenheit.


Step 6 Shell Removing

After the casting has cooled several hours, the shell is carefully broken away leaving the unfinished bronze.


Step 7 Welding & Chasing

with their finest welding&chasing skills, our professional craftsmen assemble the pieces together and show all details of original for us.


Step 8 Patina

According to customers’ requests, we make unique and art-quality patina which can stand for tens of years.



About packing

After many times test, we developed the safest method to pack the marble items, like the follow-wooden crate with plastic film inside .In case any damages incurred, please send us a claim with pictures attached as soon as possible (no later than 72hours). We will dispatch our carrier to do inspection. After necessary review/verification, the damage belongs to original defects or our packing fault , we will arrange to replacement parts for you.




No Matter You Want To Make A Friend Or Know More About Bronze Bust Sculpture Or Requirements.You Fine Art Sculpture Is a Good Choice!