Modern Bronze Igor Mitoraj Sculpture Replica for Sale BOKK-725

Igor Mitoraj sculpture

Item No: BOKK-725
Material: Grade Bronze
Color: The Picture Color or Customized
Size: Life Size or Customized
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Service 1: Customized Service
Service 2: Trade Assurance
Everyone has different perceptions of art. Igor Mitoraj feels that one arm or one leg is more powerful than the whole body. YouFine factory believes that our world is full of artistic flavor, and Igor Mitoraj sculpture is more artistic, you could contact us. Let’s further explore the value of sculpture art.

Igor Mitoraj Sculpture Description:

Igor Mitoraj’s sculpture visualizes the imperfections of human nature by deliberately destroying and splitting the surface of the statue. This large bronze sculpture by the YouFine factory truly expresses this artistic concept. We guess people’s inner worlds through a person’s facial expressions. So is this empty and huge mask an expression of your inner emptiness?

Igor Mitoraj sculptures

Realistic Details:

We could carefully observe the overall structure of this Igor Mitoraj sculpture. The sculpture’s neck is bent aside, with an erect nose and thick lips. We could imagine that this is the face of a handsome man. His expression is mysterious and thoughtful, and people passing by couldn’t help but stop thinking. Furthermore, the face of the sculpture has been specially colored. Please note that the YouFine factory has a special coloring top-master. Their coloring is full of art, rather than chaotically destroying the beauty of the sculpture.

Bronze Igor Mitoraj Sculpture

YouFine Factory:

YouFine factory has undertaken various large-scale sculpture projects. We have rich experience in sculpture casting. From the selection of sculptures to the installation of the final sculptures, we follow the whole process and are solely responsible for it. We have not only highly skilled artists but also sales and installation personnel in charge. Our service quality is the best, so you could trust us. Actually, the YouFine factory has established a deep friendship and cooperative relationship with our customers.

Igor Mitoraj sculptures

Appropriate Placement:

The sculpture is not only built-in high-rise buildings, it could not only relieve city congestion but also could be used for city decoration and beautification. Bronze sculptures could also be seen in many other places

Igor Mitoraj sculpture is often used as a decoration for large public facilities.

City entrance: Entering a city, the bronze sculptures at these city entrances are always visible everywhere.

Large square: The city square is also very commonplace for bronze sculptures.

Park area: Similar to the effect placed on the large square, the park usually places bronze sculptures at the entrance. Or you could see various bronze sculptures on the wide lawn.

Igor Mitoraj

More Igor Sculptures:

Mitoraj’s style is now recognized by art lovers all over the world. The sculptural lips always have the shape of the artist, which is one of the characteristics of his work and an informal “signature”. His sculptures are famous for their fragmented human sculptures. Igor Mitoraj’s sculpture only depicts a part of the body, which is a reference to the struggle and suffering in Europe in the 20th century. YouFine factory has many works by Igor Mitoraj. You could choose what you like, and we could meet your needs.

Igor Mitoraj Sculpture Replica

You could contact YouFine factory at any time. We would be your most satisfied and favorite supplier of large bronze sculptures.