Life Size Bronze Army Soldier Garden Statue for Outdoor BOKK-50

Life Size Bronze Army Soldier Garden Statue for Outdoor BOKK-50

All YouFine sculptures are sold directly from the factory. If you are interested in bronze military sculptures, we will give you the best discounts and the best quality.

Item No: BOKK-50
Material: Grade Bronze
Color: The Picture Color or Customized
Size: Life Size or Customized
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Service 1: Customized Service
Service 2: Trade Assurance

Description of the sculpture:

Army Soldier Garden Statue is a major part of the modern sculpture industry, a variety of types, a wide range of materials, most representative and in the military war has made outstanding contributions to the celebrity sculpture, full of education and commemorative significance. Common military bronze sculptures cover military war figures, military commander bronze sculptures, martyr sculptures, important leaders sculptures, and so on. Their spirit and deeds have a profound impact on the world, worthy of remembrance.

Life Size Bronze Army Soldier Garden Statue for Outdoor

Model of 1:1 :

We always make a 1:1 model before we cast the whole thing. This model will be repeatedly modified by our craftsmen until you are satisfied with it. YouFine sculpture carefully shape the bronze sculpture of the revolutionary soldier. We develop and produce bronze military sculptures with an exquisite bronze casting process. Fine artistry, the meticulous depiction of the characters, coordinated clothing and costumes, successful reproduction of the war figures.

Life Size Bronze Army Soldier Garden Statue

More designs:

While the world is moving at a rapid pace, more and more people are customizing Soldier Garden Statue. We have a professional model room and a professional team of casting. Leave it to us, and you can rest assured. Below these are some examples of what we have produced. If you have any questions, you can feel free to contact us. We will give you the most professional answers.

Bronze Army Soldier Garden Statue for Outdoor

About packaging:

  1. We will pack it in a strong wooden box. The thickness of the board is at least 3cm. Most other manufacturers use 1-2CM.
  2. Before packing, we will wrap all the goods with thick soft cotton to avoid scratches during transportation.
  3. We will purchase full insurance for the goods. Avoid accidents during transportation and protect your interests.Life Size Bronze Army Soldier Garden Statue BOKK-50