Large Sitting Bronze Guanyin Statue for Outdoor Decor

bronze Guanyin statue-YouFine Sculpture

Realistic and amiable bronze Guanyin statues are for sale at YouFine factory. If you also want such high-quality statues, please do not miss the YouFine factory.
Item No: BOK1-398
Size: Life Size or Customized Size.
Material: Bronze
Leading Time:20days for casting+30days for transportation
Technique: Casting bronze
Package&shipping: Strong Wooden Case
Payment: T/T, Credit, Western Union, Money gram, Paypal.

We could see from this bronze Guanyin statue that this is a kindly-looking lady. She meditates quietly on a lotus platform, holding a clean bottle in her left hand, and stretching her orchid fingers in her right hand. Guanyin would extend a helping hand to resolve the suffering in the world, so she has the title of Great Compassionate Avalokitesvara. People have a lot of respect for Guanyin, so many people would like to buy a goddess Guanyin statue in their home or somewhere else.


bronze Guanyin statue-YouFine Sculpture


Casting with High Reduction Degree:

Such large bronze statues for sale in the YouFine factory are often appreciated by customers for their lifelike images and a high degree of restoration. In order to highly restore this statue, our masters would make a 1:1 clay model in advance. Realistic clay models provide a good foundation for casting. In the casting, we use a silicone mold to turn over the mold, and every detail of the character’s face and body could be well displayed. The entire casting process is strictly controlled by the masters, so the statue we finally present is lifelike.


details show for the bronze Guanyin statue-YouFine Sculpture


Long Service Life:

This bronze Guanyin statue by YouFine has a long lifespan. This is because we use high-quality bronze material to make it. In order to make the statue have sufficient hardness, we also added precious metal elements such as zinc to the material. Therefore, the bronze statues we made could withstand the heavy snow in severe winter. Moreover, our bronze statues could be passed on to the next generation and have collection value.


high quality assurance for the large bronze statues for sale-YouFine Sculpture


Why Choose YouFine Factory?

First of all, YouFine Factory has decades of bronze statue casting experience. We are fully capable of making every bronze statue perfect.

Secondly, we are able to offer you a factory price guarantee. This is because we provide you with an integrated service from material selection to production to packaging and shipping. There are no middlemen in the process.

Third, we could send you real-time pictures or videos of each stage of statue casting. Each step would be confirmed by you so that you have a sense of participation in the whole process.


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YouFine welcomes friends from all over the world. If you are interested in this bronze Guanyin statue, please feel free to contact us.