High-Quality Bronze Outdoor Fountain with Lotus Leaf for Sale BOK1-208

bronze outdoor fountain-YouFine Sculpture

Do you want a beautiful and high-quality bronze outdoor lady fountain in this hot summer? If your answer is yes, please feel free to contact YouFine’s staff. We promise you would buy a satisfactory water fountain.
Item: BOK1-208
Type: Outdoor bronze statues
Size: 180cm or customized
Material: 85% brass
Color: Bronze(other available colors)
Techniques: Casting bronze
Packing:Strong wooden case

About This Bronze Water Fountain:

This bronze outdoor water fountain shows us a charming and beautiful lady. She has a graceful figure, holding an umbrella that resembles a lotus leaf. A steady stream of water flows slowly down the edges of the lotus leaves. The design style reflects the designer’s ingenious design thinking. This bronze statue fountain is both unique and of great aesthetic value. At the same time, we make this bronze water fountain with high-quality bronze material, so that it has a long service life. Neither heavy rain nor sun exposure would damage it.


bronze outdoor fountain-YouFine Sculpture


Other Choices of Bronze Statue Fountain:

YouFine has top designers with innovative thinking. They have designed many unique and beautiful bronze fountains. For example, the ballerina bronze fountain, the bronze female fountain with a fan in hand, etc. These unique fountains could be shocking. Such a fountain would definitely become a beautiful landscape when placed in a garden, park, or square, catching the great attention of passersby.


other types of bronze water fountain statues-YouFine Sculpture


Customization Services of Bronze Fountain:

In order to enable customers to buy satisfactory bronze outdoor sculptures in YouFine, we specially provide customers with various customized services. Customers could choose the size, color, style, etc. of the fountain according to their own needs. Of course, if you have a relevant image, just show it to our designers and they would bring it out perfectly. We guarantee that the final product would be beyond your expectations.


custom made bronze water fountain-YouFine Sculpture


Why Choose YouFine?

1. Decades of experience in sculpture production make YouFine’s sculptures have good quality assurance. Customers could buy with confidence.

2. YouFine’s staff would test the water before packaging to ensure that the water could be sprayed as smoothly as the original plan and the fountain has a good spraying effect.

3. Full insurance services would be provided by YouFine. So, customers don’t need to worry about any risk during shipping.


factory of bronze statue fountain-YouFine Sculpture


YouFine could also provide customers with a relatively low price. So, if you would like to buy a bronze fountain, please come to YouFine.