Buy Life Size Customized Bronze Outdoor Military Statues with Wholesale Price BOKK-35

Buy Life Size Customized Bronze Outdoor Military Statues with Wholesale Price

Youfine Sculpture Co., Ltd. is specialized in copper sculpture for over 30 years. So we are very confident that we can make this bronze military sculpture. Whether it’s an expression or a clothing accessory, we can handle it to your satisfaction. So if you are interested, please contact us.

Item No: BOKK-35
Material: Grade Bronze
Color: The Picture Color or Customized
Size: Life Size or Customized
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Service 1: Customized Service
Service 2: Trade Assurance

This is a bronze military statue. It was customized by a local resident for an air force. The Air Force carried something in his backpack, as if he had finished his mission. They are very grateful to the hero, so he made this statue for him to commemorate him forever. When the bronze military sculpture was completed, they liked it very much, especially the expression of this bronze sculpture. Expressed that joy. Therefore, the customer is very satisfied.

Buy Life Size Customized Bronze Outdoor Military Statues

In addition to this we can do many other sculptures. Most are custom made by customers. There is a touching story behind every custom sculpture. But their original intentions are the same. I want to rely on such a piece of art to pin my emotions. Let future generations remember such a hero forever. Let people admire him.

bronze outdoor military statue

A very obvious feature of bronze sculpture is that it is not prone to corrosion. Even if it is placed outdoors for a long time, it can ensure that the sculpture is as clean as new, and it will not react with the acid and alkaline substances in the air. The weather has a certain resistance. Therefore, when selecting bronze sculptures, many subsequent maintenance problems are saved. If it is a sculpture based on commemoration, it is very suitable to choose copper to make it. This can be a longer time for bronze military statue to be preserved.

bronze military statue with wholesale price

The bronze military statue is still welded when it is installed, which makes it more secure. The skeleton and the base generally have solder joints, so the base must be able to withstand the overall weight so that there is no danger. The length of the steel bars and the pre-embedded iron also need to be calculated clearly. After that, the pedestal is also required to be beautifully decorated, and the marble is used for pasting. The name of the company can be directly engraved on the top, and the aesthetics thereof is greatly improved.

bronze outdoor military sculpture

Youfine is a factory that specializes in making bronze sculptures for more than 30 years. Youfine has customers from all over the world. Our customers trust us very much and will introduce their friends to us after one cooperation. They also want to make such a good thing for more people to own. We can also support free custom services. As long as you can send us photos or design drawings, we can make realistic bronze sculptures for you. If you are an artist, look for someone to implement your design. We can also provide OEM services. Will definitely satisfy you. You can make a conclusion after a field visit, and we welcome you at any time.

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