Bronze St Francis Statue Garden Decor for Sale CHS-319

St Francis statue outdoor

Do we all know when World Animal Day is? What kind of story is the world’s animal sunrise from? Let us reveal the answer! World Animal Day is October 4th every year, originating from the initiative of Saint Francis, an Italian Catholic monk in the 12th century. Actually, our bronze St Francis statue explains these answers very well. Do you want this sculpture? You could contact YouFine factory.
Item No: CHS-319
Type: Bronze Religious Statues
Size: 2m or Customized
Color: Bronze(Other Available Color)
Techniques: Casting Bronze
Packing: Strong Wooden Case
Transportation: By Sea, Air, or Land

Bronze St Francis Statue Details:

Please take a look at the YouFine factory bronze St Francis statue full of love. Could we humans really get so close to wolves? This is a question worth thinking about. However, You Fine sculpture allows us to see this magical scene. St Francis bents down and talks to the wolf affectionately. Significantly, the wolf also raises his head and pricks his ears to listen to the saint. They stand on a bronze base and form a peculiar picture.

St Francis statues for garden

The Original of St Francis:

Francis was born in 1182 in a wealthy cloth merchant family in Assisi, Italy. However, he abandoned all material wealth and founded the Franciscan Monastery in 1206. He has lived in the forests of Assisi for a long time. And he loves animals and has established a “sibling” relationship with them. According to legend, Saint Francis will talk to animals and is the patron saint of animals. On the other hand, he has preached for animals and domesticated wolves. Therefore, the bronze St Francis statue always appears with animals, especially with wolves.

St Francis statue with dog

Why Choose You Fine?

1. First of all, there are many bronze casting artists in the YouFine factory. They are very professional and the artists in the YouFine factory are dedicated. Actually, the artists in the YouFine factory have learned bronze casting techniques from their masters since they were young, and are very familiar with each process.

St Francis statues for garden heavy

2.Secondly, the YouFine factory is a large factory with 39 years of experience. And our factory is very grounded. We not only have a large number of bronze St Francis statue casting workshops, but also very exquisite casting tools.

large St Francis garden statue outdoor

Excellent Designer:

The designers in the YouFine factory love Catholic culture very much. In order to better understand the meaning of Catholicism, they learned a lot of knowledge. They would participate in the outdoor garden decoration exhibition held in the United States every year, and each time they participate, they will bring many religious products. If customers like certain products, they would be sold at the show. Of course, You Fine designer chose to donate some bronze St Francis statues to the local Red Cross.

St Francis statue with dog

Customers Feedback :

The purpose of the You Fine factory is that artworks are priceless. Indeed, we treat every customer sincerely and absolutely guarantee the quality of the bronze St Francis statue. This sculpture was cast for a client in Australia in 2008. In fact, this devout Catholic lady placed this sculpture in the back garden of the villa. Her children like it very much.

St Francis statue garden

If you still need our high-quality sculptures, please contact the YouFine factory.